How can we prevent abuse of our AI helper?

Hi everybody! After the recent addition of our helper CookieTechAi, we’ve faced a lot of issues. One of the biggest issues being is that people having misuse the Cookie Tech AI.

The Cookie Tech Ai is designed to answer questions but not slave away to generate scripts for people. We’ve also seen people sending way to many requests to the bots dms which I feel is unnecessary and we need some ways to counter this.

I would really love to brainstorm some ideas you may have with me, share down below!

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Maybe we can make the AI not give scripts that are longer then 10 lines. This could help reduce scripting abuse.


Well, if people made a small error in a huge script and the bot can’t help the tiny error in the script, that is kinda bad.

I would think maybe a system where a user on the forums have certain uses on the bot a day/week when they ask the AI for something their count goes down by one, if their count is empty, then the bot will not generate a response.

We already have that. There is a quota of 100 uses /week

Then decrease it. I also sent some tips over to the mod team for them to read

Maybe we could warn people for abusing it and if they continue completely blacklist them.


In recent weeks, I have seen a lot of abuse of the CookieTechAI bot. As a moderator myself, I can say that many reports sent to the moderators team have been linked with the usage of the CookieTechAI bot.

Therefore, I strongly recommend that the usage over CookieTechAI should be added to the official rules page of the Cookie Forums.

As AI is becoming dominant within the digital world, I believe we must have rules in place for the usage of AI software on this site to prevent further abuse. And I don’t mean a topic, I mean actually integrating usage terms on the site’s rules as topics become lost in time.