How do I learn Lua?

Hi Cookie Tech!

So, as I am loosing passion for development, I want to learn how to code a bit more within Roblox.
So what’s the best way to learn Lua? I have always wanted to script for some big developers and script from fancy UI designs and some nice games, but I don’t have the correct experience to do this.

How did you all learn how to script?

I look forward to hearing back from you all!


Hey Oreo!

Personally, I use various platforms such as Udemy and I use to take some online courses on Python, etc.

You could try to script something you haven’t, but you have most of the knowledge to do it. For example, if you were to script a DataStore, and you had some knowledge of it but never tried, try that perhaps?

Is there anywhere I could study Lua for longterm?

Hmm … I’m not sure, might have to look into that for you. However I believe scripting/coding classes could be similar to longterm?

Scripting classes would be better as I would a call with them if I need any errors. I appreciate the help, thanks!

No problem! If you need more suggestions, you can ask me here! :slight_smile: