How do I make a command cooldown for the BAE Admin Panel in Roblox?

Hello! I am trying to configure BAE and modify it the best I am able to. I want to add a cooldown system so that you can’t spam commands or use command after command, though I am not sure how to do it. If possible, can somebody tell me how to do this? I am not a scripter and I know very little on scripting so I can not do this by myself. Thank you!


I’d take a look at this code by Noah here ( CookieTech )

Before commands are executed in the mainmodule you would likely have to call the CheckIfAllowed(Player) function and once commands are run call the Record_Time(Player) function. Make sure to edit the variable Min_Seconds to how long you want the cooldown to last.

It would take awhile to add it to all the commands so I wont do it for you.

Hope this helps.

Thank you so much @Aspect for your response. Do you know where all of the commands are kept though?

Yes, in the MainModule script what can be found here:

To require the MainModule for your script set the MainModule as a child of the MainScript:
Then go into your mainscript to line 305 and replace it with:

Now your admin will update when you change anything in the MainModule script.

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