How do I make a gui expand?

Disclaimer: this has 2 scripting things I am curious about

Hello. I know this has something to do with “udim2” I just can’t figure out how to do it. I want to make a bar that is sort of goes like this:

    - -
   - - -
 - - -  -

Pretend they expand like that.
I also would like to make text appear from where the line is that pops up with the name of the game.

Thanks! <3

Just use a tweenservice and tween up the size.

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I really appreciate the response. I am going to try that and see how it plays off.

Do you know about the text bit where it appears from the line?

Sorry for all of the scripting support I need, still learning at a slow pace.

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You can also use a tween.

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Alrighty, we’ll I have something set up in my head now :smiley:

Thank you for all of the support from the cookie tech community!

Use :TweenSize() to scale a UI.


I love the suggestions, but when I do that it just goes off the screen instead of expanding. the line looks a little bit like this:

A problem could also be this:

Any help is appreciated.

FYI, this is the code:

script.Parent:TweenSize(,0,0.056,0), "Out", "Sine", 3)

Sorry, accidentally marked as the solution. I would appreciate any help regarding to the topic above.

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Nevermind, thank you all for the responses, this really helped me. I tried using a “TextLabel” but that didn’t work so instead I used an “ImageLabel” and it worked perfectly.

Just a thank you to @Noah and @cam for the suggestions.

TLDR: I found the answer. Thanks again! <3

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