How do I make a GUI randomly move in positions?

Alright, so basically, I want to make a GUI constantly move into random positions but I wanted it to be in a certain area of where it moves.

This is what I so far have:

local Logo = script.Parent

while true do
	Logo.Position =

I know I can just type random in the Udim2 scale, but then it moves everywhere, is there a way for it to move in a certain area only?

Thanks! <3

Set limits, what is the reason you need it?

At the moment, I am creating an introduction to a horror game, and I sort of want the text to look like it’s possessed or something like that.

But if I have it go all around the screen it’s going to look very weird.

Have you considered other effects?

Yes, I have considered other affects for the logo, but I figured that one would look the best.

If you want it truly random you can create randoms:

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