How do I make a ProximityPrompt show up for Ranks+

I want a door that can only be opened by a certain rank+ I don’t know how to do this tho, How do I do this? (This is a ProximityPrompt door)

I can do that tomorrow for u. U can close this topic if you’d like. I will teach you when you’d like!

Basically, this would need a client-sided script.
Make a localscript in StarterGui. Check if the player is above a certain rank, if they are, make the proximity prompt enabled. If not, make it disabled.

Hope this can help, if you need more help you can reply below. :arrow_down:

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Copy + paste code (localscript):

local GROUP_ID = 1234567
local MINIMUM_RANK = 1

local Players = game:GetService(“Players”)
local PPrompt = PATH_TO_PROMPT

local LocalPlr = Players.LocalPlayer
If LocalPlr:GetRankInGroup(GROUP_ID) >= MINIMUM_RANK then

Don’t paste your code there, by doing so, that will only run for that specific client. If that’s what you want, then go ahead, however if you’re changing a value or something, make it fire an event to a serverscript.

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