How do I make an NPC that runs away from the player when they reach a certain distance?

Hey Cookie Tech,

I’m working on a project where once a player gets within around 50 studs of an NPC (just a normal block rig), the NPC runs in the opposite direction.
Help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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Pathfinding and you can do simple maths to work out how far a player is from the NPC.

You will need to use pathfinding - perhaps look at some models and base your code off of that.


Hey Noah,

What could be a simple script that I could use to use this?
Thank you!

Development Support isn’t for spoonfeeding. Development Support is for fixing issues in scripts or figuring out why a script isn’t working. If you’re able to start on this and you come across an error, we’d be happy to help. :slight_smile:

For this, you could maybe get an NPC that follows you for example, and change it to move away.

Hi there, I realised how silly that was of me. Apologies.
I would just like a little bit of help with the ‘MoveTo:()’ function.
So the entire script is done but I cannot figure out how to make the NPC move away instead of towards. A little bit of help would be appreciated.

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In that case you have solved how to move the player so could you please show us the code handling this?

Hey Noah,
Apologies for the late response. Wi-Fi went down for a long time.
So, I have a script inside of the gun that fires an event which enables the script inside of the NPC. Here’s the gun script:

local runevent = workspace.Events.startrunaway

print("gun equipped")

And here’s the script in the NPC:

local gunequipped = workspace.Events.startrunaway

script.Enabled = false

	script.Enabled = true

function checkHRP()
	local closest 
	local closestMagnitude = 30
	for index, player in pairs(game.Players:GetPlayers()) do

		if player.Character then
			local hrp = player.Character.HumanoidRootPart
			local hrpMagnitude = hrp and (script.Parent.HumanoidRootPart.Position - hrp.Position).Magnitude
			if closestMagnitude >= hrpMagnitude then
				closestMagnitude = hrpMagnitude
				closest = hrp
	return closest
local runAwayDistance = 50
while true do
	local torso = checkHRP()
	if torso then

		script.Parent.Humanoid:MoveTo((,torso.Position) *,0,runAwayDistance)).Position)


The script isn’t working and just keeps the script enabled. I believe it’s looping in some sort of way? Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Kind Regards, Josh.

Are there any errors listed in the console?