How do I make something similar?

Many of the developers that use this forum know that it is unique and special, but the other day, I came across a forum that looked so similar to the DevForum & CookieTech:

How do I make one?

Ah, you see, the way to make this is actually through paying for a host to host to keep the website up and running! This can cost varies of amounts depending on the storage you want for your forums!

I can try and find the DevForum post for you and get back to you when I find out!

I saw one but 150+ GBP?

So I think our hosting website is Discourse, and these are the prices:

Quite expensive. [20]

Very expensive, I think cookie hosts off a private site though.

Yep, very. It should be lower, I don’t know if they gain many customers because of the insanely high prices there.

I don’t think it should be lower, those prices are standard for what it would be to buy a massive forum page.

The devforum and this cookie forum uses discource. Its actually free and you dont need to pay. I can provide you with more information on how to set it up. You need a domain tho and a available port to host on. I suggest using AWS Lightsail and roblox sites and engines are powered by AWS. Lightsail is cheaper