How do I setup promotion commands for free on Roblox?

Am I able to use a rankgun account for the bot that’s needed or will that not work? Also how do you do it without heroku now (spelt wrong sorry)

try using some VPS to host your code, pretty sure oracle cloud is free

Yeah, oracle cloud is free and pretty fast.

Can you send me a link to it?

I might skip that, seems a little personal

Do you know any different ones I could try?

wdym personal? and that is honestly the only good free one

honestly, you could use render, but it has some downtime every so often

but as i said, oracle cloud is possibly the best free option

You should just use rankgun.

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For the account for (!promote/!demote) ?

I don’t know what that means.

Basically, would I use a rankgun bot account for the !promote/!demote command?

yes, just use rankgun API and create a promote command and demote command triggering the api with your player arguments

There’s one pre-built in the RankGun Docs.