How do you keep on developing?

Hey everybody! I’m confused on how people keep on developing without losing motivation…

It just seems really hard; people probably wont even play your game unless your famous.

People probably wont even use your hard-worked assets.

Also another question:

How does everyone keep growing their groups?

You can develop because it’s fun, if your game is getting 0 players perhaps you’re doing something wrong, I mean all games start somewhere, if you think about it Lslpash, creator of doors, was not extremely famous when he released his game “RagDoll Mayhem,” heck he wasn’t even that famous when he released Doors.

In addition to that, was anybody familiar with Hazem before pls donate, I don’t think so?

But if you’re doing development just for the numbers then maybe you have to reconsider your ideas, also, don’t limit yourself just to Roblox, there are many other categories you can go to if you don’t find success in Roblox, or you don’t find it enjoyable.