How do you like the feature to call "Friends" on Roblox?

Ik its a while ago but Roblox announced that at RDC 2023. How do you like it?
i think Roblox is developing to a Dating Platform. But how do you think?

Do you like that Feature?
  • Yes
  • No
  • No, and Roblox is going to be an Dating Platform soon
  • Yes, but Roblox is going to be an Dating Platform soon
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You should add an I don’t know option.

I don’t necessarily think Roblox will develop to a dating platform because in one of Roblox’s post they said :

“As we look to the future, we’re focused on working with our community to bring our vision of Roblox as a platform for all ages to life.”

I think what this means is that Roblox might have some functionalities related to a dating app, but I’m not sure Roblox will fully develop to a ‘dating platform’.

yes i will add it. Thanks for the suggestion!

EDIT: I sadly cant add it


Hi how are you i really dont wanna reply i just wanna say hi (:

I think no because if you are verified people will put pressure to call you and i find it discards credibility if you cant. Say I was playing and someone said to Call. If I said no they would not respect me because they might think i am too young.