How is my first GFX?

So I recently made a GFX for my game and this is what it looks like:

What would you rate it?

I would rate it 6/10, mainly because the background is a bit too bright and you can’t really tell where the actual light source is. Overall, though, it’s still pretty decent!

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Thanks <3 this is only my first one lol.

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It’s good for a first try, but the resolution rather isn’t specifically high?

Did you render it in roblox, if you did I would recommend on learning how to make GFX’s inside of blender!

@Joshua Maybe try this? Hopefully if you do then you’ll do better than me when I first tried that!

I appreaciate it guys. Thanks!

Oh & for the text try making it a bit more in the white, experiment a lot with text settings!