How much have you improved in the past year?

Hi guys!

So I am here to ask how well have you all improved on your work from the past couple of years.

Let’s say from when you started! I would like to see some work from when you started your development carrier within Roblox and an up to date picture of your work within Roblox today.

You might be asking why?
Well, this is to look back on what you have all created in the past, but to also see how well you have all come within the development of Roblox.
This can be more of a journal for you all, and for others to rate on how well the progress has gone on the work.

I for one have improved, but what about y’all?

I look forward to hearing back from you all!

I feel, even though some may call me “experienced”, that I’m learning every day, this is something where there is no “pro level”, thing are always changing, finding efficient ways of doing this, finding new styles. I try my hardest every day & I feel I’m proud at how much I’ve progressed.

If I look back a couple of years I have made staggering progress & I’m pretty pleased with myself.

I have also seen @RealOH20 grow in the past year, how much his UI skill has changed is incredible. :star2:

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As @Noah did mention, my UI designing skills have been improving a lot ever since I started making them and continue to do so!

I believe I’ve also slightly improved in scripting, as I find that I’m a bit more efficient in scripting than last year … but, of course, I’m not a professional at scripting yet.

Building is also something else I’ve improved a bit, as well as GFX designs. Every now and then, I simulate new designs and styles for my GFXs. As for building, I’m trying to make my builds more memory efficient, which has certainly improved over the past year as I gain more knowledge of this.

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I think I have improved A LOT. I used to use free models… I can script now, when I used to script I didn’t know what to do. I have just started UI design and I will be making a post about one of the first GUI that I made (I just started).
I think my GFXs are doing good too. I haven’t tried getting more customers though.

I just started developing so I am not that good

When learning how to script or even code: Don’t learn how to make things, learn how to code. If you can’t understand a script it’s better off not using it.

Also - Never aim to make games, just make a ton of baseplates and experiment on them, you should only aim to make games latter in your development career.

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I’m really no good at developing, so the small things make me proudest.


Built a bit of a cafe!

And wrote my first script, all by myself! Here it is:

Part = workspace.Part

Part.Transparency = 1

@Deleted_User5 said this is a functional script. Very proud of myself!

There is a tiny little error within your script, you don’t have any variables.

It should be local Part = workspace.Part

Ah, thank you so much!

You don’t need to have “local” in front of a variables.

Read here.

Ohhhhh since this is a global variable I would use a local variabel