How much should my panel cost?

Hey everyone!

I’ve been doing modifications on my administration panel, Admino, for the past few days. As most of you know, I plan to sell this product once it’s ready.

However, the issue is, I’m not really sure how much it should cost. Here’s what’s stopping me from deciding a final price;

  • Scripts are going to be very complicated.
  • This admin panel will stand out from others, highly likely.
  • I don’t want to put it up for a very high price, but at the same time, this project is taking tremendous time and effort.

Suggestions would be appreciated! :heart:


Maybe 500-800 Robux.

For an admin panel like this, I would recommend selling it for around 300-500.

Well. I suggest 2k+ robux, it’s Not that expensive if you’re willing to send it to big games. For normal players, I recommend 1200+ robux.

Thanks for your suggestions! I’ll be taking these into consideration. Perhaps I could find an average price from everyone’s suggestions here.