How much would you pay for this game/group?

Hi there! I’m really interested in trading/buying a new game which unfortunately is dead with 0 players. The game is fully complete, and is high quality. The developer has already replied to me, and asked for an offer

I’m not really sure how much. May you please help me out? Although the group has only 94 members, the game is gooood.
Please feel free to join the game and check it out!! How much would you offer? (either robux or cash)


Note: This is my first post after MONTHS, even years.

Don’t buy groups. You can get banned from roblox.

Thanks for your advice. I just want to know. Please reply!

Welcome back, selling groups is against tos, after playing the game and viewing the assets ect. I would value this at around £350. I can’t exactly say though as I don’t know how many hours were spent on this but I would value it in the £200-£600 range.

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