How to access free-cam in other games?

So, if I’m in my game accessing free-cam is Shift + P, but what if I’m in another game, for example, making a trailer, how would I access free-cam, would they need a script giving it to me?

Yep, you can only get free cam in a game not owned by you via a script.

Hm, what would that be?

Depends, you would have to make a free cam script & then whitelist it, but if someone gives you development perms in their group you will be able to access free cam with SHIFT + P

Ah, okay! Thank you! :smiley:

@Noah in my games I can’t access free cam with Shift + P

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Did u add the free cam script? If not, I’ll add it for you, if u can’t find it.

No I didn’t add it :sob:

I really wanted it for Peter’s talkshow

Tysm snow


Much appreciated

Try Shift + Fn (Function) + P or change your keyboard layout to English (UK) in settings, works for me.

I think star program members get freecam in all games

They don’t unless the creator of the game gives them freecam permissions.

Star creators can access frecam in any game.