How to detect scam links/files

Hey everyone!

As we all know, in the past 3 years there’s been a massive increase in hacks and exploits worldwide through the internet, with some being scam links.

Today, I believe it is time to inform you that there is a tool that I rely on that helps you detect whether or not a file, or link, is a scam.

This tool is known as VirusTotal. It comes with several features that help prevent you from getting scammed!

Personally, I use this to verify any links that may be a scam link in an attempt to hack me in some way.

I hope you found this tool useful! :heart:

Stay safe,

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I would agree.

I also use VirusTotal to scan webpages and files, it’s quite reliable however you should always be cautious! :warning:

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Thanks for the link, I will start using this way more often if I feel things are sketchy!

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