How to edit Auto point promotion

I’m not sure what i’ve done wrong, I followed the tutorial like 3 times now and I just can figure it out :stuck_out_tongue: Can you post a model to roblox what contains everything you used in the video?

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Welcome to the community, can we see your roblox logs?

sure one give me one second.

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Which log, I dont use cmd bar often or out, So not a pro at it.

The output, please get the logs from the output.

Go dm rq please i need help getting out put i am stupid

Doesn’t work for me, either.

just getting log now

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Cookie can you just send a model here with everything u shown in the video? as in roblox wise

Can you please send me the output logs. @arrivabus415 & @HayHay

it shows no errors yet it still wont work

Are you testing it on an alt account?


It shows no errors-

Yessiree! I am(kdlsajdfh)

yes i am cookie … [I hate how the messages have to be 20+ letters]

I will be checking and trying out the scripts to see if there are any errors…

I fixed it now just needed to have the perfect amount of points i see

@Noah On many of the posts you have made, I have been having to edit the scripts because there are so many errors-

Really, give me some examples please?

Oh so it works for you now?