How to get ideas for games?


So I’ve been struggling to get ideas for games as I’ve been stuck on the same genre for the past month. I have been working on hotels for the most of my time and I’ve been needing something new to work on.

I was wondering if any of you have any ideas as that would really help!


Hey Oreo! This bothers me as well what I like to do is mostly watch youtube videos to aspire me on games.

Maybe search up things like “roblox roleplay”; “What should I build in studio!?”

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Alright, this is how I see getting ideas:

“Ideas do not come with deep focus, Ideas come when you least expect it”

Thinking hard will get you nowhere when you need to make games, you need to relax when your making the game, never always completely focus on “getting the idea”, let your mind drift, sometimes you just need to give it time.

If your really stuck you can follow the path:

What games do I like → What do I want to make → What are my skill levels → Will I stay interested?

All of this matters when making your game, you don’t want to work on your game, get 25% complete & then just loose interest, you will never succeed making a game that you don’t have an interest in.

You need to be passionate & be interested to your ideas when making games, so just let the idea come to you, maybe try speaking to other people, it can be really helpful getting ideas by speaking to your friends and brainstorming with them.

I would also recommend:

  1. Going on walks even walking around inside :house:.

  2. Playing games that interest you.

  3. Be adventures, remember: don’t completely copy a game ideas, otherwise nobody will play the game.

  4. Never focus on the monetization aspect of games.

  5. Remain consistent with developing sessions, make yourself a timetable. :calendar:

Just keep on trying, don’t try to force it, let it come to you.

That’s all from me,

but feel free to hit me with some more questions if you want to!