How to give Creator Admin with BAE

How do I give Creator Admin with BAE like this:

I do have the main module.

Is the ID in the left?

What do you mean by ID?

The UserID for the user.

Yeah. (20Charsssssss)

It looks fine to me, is it not working?

Hold on, try making the integer a string.

Okay, I’ll try that.

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[‘Creator Admin’] = {
[ID] = “xOreo_Dev”,

I get no admin at all.

You have to do it via group settings then. Creator Admin is for the creator of the game so I understand why the creator did it like that.

I had a way to give a set group of ranks creator admin but I paid someone to do all that, I can’t script that well.

I know my way round BAE, it’s easy.

Just out of curiosity, it’s supposed to be like this:

["123"] = "Cookie_DevX",

I’ve tried that and it did not work.

Let me test it, I will try it out.

It’s set to “YourSnowingDev”, is that the account you want it to be set for?

Yeah. (20Charsssssss)

Is BAE model in ServerScriptService?

(I managed to get it working)

Yep! (20Charsssssss)