How to have identical groups (unicode)

Hello, cookie tech!

Today I’ll be showing you how to make your group have a previousoy taken name using Unicode!


On mobile devices it will appear as this:

As the roblox app does not support Unicode, however on PC/Mac it will appear without it.

I am NOT responsible if you get called out for copying, as you shouldn’t use this to copy.

Step 1:

  • Have your group name ready!
  • Have this copied to your clipboard

Step 2:

  • Name your group the taken name but add the Unicode symbol at the end.

I do NOT endorse copying, this is simply for reference. I don’t suggest doing this if you plan on impersonating groups, as you will get in trouble.


Is this against any of roblox TOS or something? Just wanted to make sure.

Nope, Coast does it and their not in trouble.

Proceed at your own risk.

Coast can get away with it due to originally being owned by Vamonoz(Ian).

That’s true. But I’m sure it’s not against TOU as long as you aren’t using it to directly copy groups.

But their group name is Coast, which was never owned by Ian, the group that has the og name is linked here. which is not about coast, its clothing so

Ian owns the name Coast within the restaurant franchise, so roblox can’t do anything about it.

here are when morals come in.

You may be allowed to do this, but is it it morally wrong or fair to the person with the original name?

It’s important to think long and hard about it.

Heck, someone could create an entire copy of Venti, and not get banned, but be shunned from the community.

I agree with you.

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