How to host your own website via Apache 2!


So, in this tutorial, I will be teaching you how to host your own website for free with Apache 2!

What is Apache anyways?
Well, Apache is a web server that processes requests and serves web assets and content through HTML, of course.

How to get Apache 2?
The most easiest way to install Apache 2 is with the Linux terminal application. SInce this may be far too long for this post, I’ll put a link here which explains all the steps for you!

Apache and the Apache feather logo are trademarks of Apache Software Foundation.

Conslusion and Contact
Hope this helped any website developers! If you have any questions, contact me here or on Discord, username and tag is OH20_rbLX#2124

If you need more help, you can visit the official website of Apache here. Good night!


Helpful, I may make a tutorial like this


I feel like you should make more web tutorials due to people making some.

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