How to keep your real email safe!

Hi cookie tech!

I am not responsible if you use this method for any payment purpose. Use this tutorial only if you are not sure you can trust a website which requires sign up. Never ever use this for payment purposes, this may lead to legal issues!

In this tutorial, I will be teaching you a method which will keep your real email address save whilst signing up for a website you don’t really trust!

What is Mozi//a?
Mozilla (Mozi//a) is the company behind Firefox web browser and their services. All rights reserved.


  • A Firefox account. Required to get an alias.
  • A browser (preferably Chrome or Firefox)


  • Head over to the official website of Firefox Relay! This is where you will be able to create an alias for your REAL email address!
  • Sign in with your Firefox account.
  • Enter your real email address, and you will be given a generated alias email address!
  • Now, store it somewhere, preferably in a cloud or hard drive storage, so you won’t forget it.
  • Use your alias when signing up on websites you don’t trust, don’t use on trustworthy websites if you trust them with your real email address.
  • Any emails sent to your alias will be sent to your real inbox of your real email address. This way, your email is protected from any website who may be attempting to hack or spam you.

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Okay thanks a lot for the info.


This is very vital information! Thanks

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Question: What use does this hold?

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This tutorial’s use is to teach users how they can keep their real email address safe using an alias email, whether it’s for signing up on some “not-really-trustworthy-sites” or simply for safety.


I believe this feature is also being introduced to apple devices.

Yeah, they have a new iCloud premium-like subscription which includes email adress hiding. Nonetheless, I still prefer Firefox Replay as iCloud alwas charges something.

Helped me alot!

(20 letters)

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Thanks, glad this helped you stay safe online!

Additionally, for Apple users, you can upgrade to iCloud+ for as little as $1.29 CAD.

iCloud+ users have an option to hide their email.

Whenever prompted to create an account there is an option to hide your email.

Additionally for $1.29/month you can get 50 GB iCloud storage.

OneDrive would be better, but in this case iCloud would be great for email privacy.

At the end of the day they’re both good services.

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