How to keep your roblox discord server safe with Bloxlink

IMPORTANT: You will need experience how to like use commands.

Bloxlink is one of the most popular roblox-verification bot. It is used by thousands of servers and prevented thousands of raids. And the best part: It’s free!

Step 1: Create a Discord Server

You are supposed to know how to make one for this tutorial, but if you really dont know, here is how to do it:

  1. Scroll down in your server list until you find this.

  2. Click on it and select “Create my own”

  3. Event though it doesnt really matter what you select now, i suggest clicking “For a club or community”.

  4. Now just enter a server name. It should be quite unique. You can also add a image, but its not required.

NOTE: Some buttons/text might look different, because you are most likely have choosen a other language or discord made a update.

Step 2: Invite Bloxlink

You will need to have the “Manage Server” permission to add Bloxlink.

So how do i invite the bot? You just need to use on this link:
Invite Bloxlink

Step 3: Setup Bloxlink

There are a few more things to do. Now lets setup Bloxlink!

  1. Run /setup.
  2. You will see this message pop-up. Click “Next”
  3. You will be asked to enter a template. All templates are posted under “Resources” too. I recommend using {smart-name} or typing skip
  4. Now you will be asked if you want to rename the Verified role. I recommend typing skip, otherwise some information in this tutorial might be incorrect.
  5. Now, you can bind a roblox group. If you dont own one type skip, if you own one you want to link, enter your group id. How to get the group id is found under “Resources” down below.
  6. (Step will only happen if you enter a group id, otherwise you can skip this) Select how Bloxlink should make the roles. I recommend using merge. You must use Make a selection this time.
  7. Click “Done”

Step 4: Make a verification channel

NOTE: If you just want users to use /verify, you can skip this.

  1. Run `/verifychannel
  2. You can change what Bloxlink says, but i recommend keeping the standards.
  3. Move your Verify category up

Step 5: Make Verified only channels

You will just need to make sure the role @everyone can’t view these channels. All users must have Verified to access them.

Step 6: Let your users verify!

Your all done! If this tutorial helped you, feel free to give a Like on this post!

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Nickname Templates

Copied from Bloxlink bot

{roblox-name} → changes to their Roblox Username (unique)
{display-name} → changes to their Roblox Display Name (not unique)
{smart-name} → changes to: display name (@username) if the user has a display name; otherwise, changes to their username
{roblox-id} → changes to their Roblox user ID
{roblox-age} → changes to their Roblox user age in days
{roblox-join-date} → changes to their Roblox join date
{group-rank} → changes to their group rank
{group-rank-ID} → changes to their group rank in group with ID
{discord-name} → changes to their Discord display name; works on unverified users
{discord-nick} → changes to their Discord nickname; works on unverified users
{server-name} → changes to the server name; works on unverified users
{clan-tag} → replaceable text which the user can set

{disable-nicknaming} → overrides all other options and returns a blank nickname. Note that this ONLY APPLIES TO NICKNAMES.
How to get Group Id

Thanks to Cookie for making this Video

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