How to make a conveyor belt in roblox studio

I can’t make YT vids as my computer won’t let me :sob: so I will give you guys the script, feel free to test it out yourself.

local speed = 10 – Change the speed to whatever you’d like :slight_smile:
while true do
script.Parent.Velocity = script.Parent.CFrame.LookVector * speed

Let me know what else I should show you guys!



Is their a way to not use the while true do loop?

They’re not very efficient.

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until nil
??? Maybe?

It’s still a loop. Soo.

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May use it. :slight_smile: thanks!

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Contact me if needing help

Couldn’t you just do?

script.Parent.Velocity = script.Parent.CFrame.LookVector * speed
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Loops = Memory Loss = lAg

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Isn’t only going to run 1 time?

No? According to roblox physics
The velocity will always be acting.

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Hm, I’ll keeep that in mind

Try it out in studio?

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Busy at the moment but will try it!

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