How to make a custom chat?


I wanted to make a custom chat system, but no current tutorials on YouTube help much. What I’m looking for is something like the chat system in ER:LC where there is a custom chat icon and a chat which nobody can see.

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Isn’t that essentially a team chat?

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It’s just customized… Let me show you how you can make something similar to that.

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First of all you need to make teams inside of your Roblox Studio:

If you cant see the “Teams” directory:

then insert it by going to MODEL then click Service"

after you have done following click on “Teams” and then “Insert”.

Now add a team to your teams directory.


(I’m going to make a few teams)

Make sure to give your team a color! (Make them different cololor.

Then go to your explorer and click on the chat directory.

Paste this into the chat directory:

ChatService.rbxm (120.2 KB)

Your explorer should now look something like this:


After doing the following open the folder “ClientChatModules” and edit the file called “ChatSettings”.

To get the result you asked for edit Line 15 to:

module.ShowChannelsBar = true

It should like this:

Now you should be able to see team channels!


Cool! I have no idea what to put after “Cool” because it says to keep writing ok byee!

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