How to make a good scripting support post

Welcome to scripting support


You may have found this post out of curiosity, or you’ve just been linked here by a member of the community.

As our forums begins to grow we start to see minor misuse of the forums, or people forgetting the rules now and then.

That’s why today I would like to talk about one channel in specific, #scripting-support. Scripting support is primarily used to fix bugs or errors in your script which you don’t understand, this channel may also be used in scenarios where you don’t know how to make something.

Normally we have great questions being asked in the scripting support category, sometimes not that’s why today, I have created this post so you can find out how you can become a good scripting support user!

Good title - Good Description

When you’re creating a title for your scripting support topic you want to be to the point & you want to be clear & specific.

Let’s create a scenario:

  • Your scripting keeps throwing {error}

An in-appropriate topic title will be something along the lines of:

My aeroplane script keeps breaking in output and I don’t know what to do.

An appropriate topic title would be:

Aeroplane script - {error}

Make sure that your descriptions are longer & explain your issue in depth.

  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Files

These are all good ways of showing us your issue.

We expect a public answer

If you make a #scripting-support topic we expect the solution response to be public and not something like:

Download this model! or {@mention} fixed this in DMS!

The solution should be clearly explained and should be able to resolve an issue by looking at it.

Using the solution button fairly

Let’s paint the picture, in a case somebody solves your issue:

Scripter: This script must be a local script.

:white_check_mark: Mark this post as a solution if it works and is clear to understand!

Creator of topic: I made this script local & it worked.

:x: This is not the solution, always mark the person who gave you the solution if it works, and don’t create another response about what you had to do, you can say if it works now, just don’t mark your post as the solution.


Your response is the correct answer

Respect and patience

Nobody has to respond or help you in your #scripting-support topic, people who help you in scripting support are people who are being nice and are taking time out of their day to help you!

Make sure you pay a lot of respect to them.


  • Wait for them to respond, if they don’t respond don’t @mention them.
  • Thank them and remember, you can always ask for something to be explained.
  • If somebody gives an inaccurate response on something, simply correct them, don’t make a big fuss.
  • Don’t fight or argue or make unnecessary posts unless needed - Flag :white_flag: the post if you find any posts like this!
  • Welcome new members to the community. :handshake:
  • Nobody is “dumb”, and everybody makes stupid mistakes in code - even the pros do that.
  • If somebody has a bad title or bad description of a topic, :email: them a friendly reminder, if they don’t do anything, just simply flag the post!

Spoon Feeding

Nobody likes spoon feeding, this is when somebody is directly giving you the answer, you should have to work to try and earn your answer.

Please do not ask for scripts and expect people to ask you to do research instead of directly giving you the answer/or the script (ect).


It’s important that you stay safe online, only send cookies to people you trust, you don’t need to send anybody your cookie unless you want to.

Please ensure you “Draw” over api keys or completely removing them, do not use blurring tools, as the algorithm can be removed revealing your credentials.

Use common sense

I’m now going to round this post up, keep in mind this is a wiki, feel free to make your edits to this topic, all suggestions are open!

Once again, try to use your common sense, this is merely a guide to steer you in the right direction and is not a hard set of guidelines that should be followed.

Thanks for reading!