How to make a Roblox development contract?

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I know this is a complex thing, but lets say I wanted to hire someone for a long term yet make them sign a contract (but does not envolve any of that lawyer things or laws) to ensure I can trust them. But I don’t know how to make one, do you guys recommend any templates or maybe provide me with an example? Thanks!

NOTE: Keep in mind that I don’t want the contract to interact with real life laws in any way!

Just use discord and send them like rules of what they should and shouldn’t do.

Something along the lines of:

By becoming a developer, you agree and are bound to the following contract. Breaking this in any way could result in a termination, depending on severity.

1] Leaking
> Leaking games in any sort, without permission from a valid owner, could result in punishment.

Here is just a bit of an example; if you wish for a more detailed version, or for me to write the whole thing, I can do so in a bit; message me on the forums or on Discord at cam.#0771.

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Thanks! This will be coming in handy for me when I start hiring developers.

I don’t think a “Developer Contract” is really needed when hiring someone, you just give them boundaries to follow and you keep an eye on them while they are developing or ask them for progress every so often.

Sometimes people want a contract signed, just for extra safety. I’ve seen people get betrayed by their own developers, and they can’t really take a lot of action since they never had a proper disclosed agreement. However, with a short term, one-time commission, I don’t really think it’s necessary to have a developer contract.

For example, if I were to hire someone to build me a map for my roleplay game, I would first request the developer to sign an agreement. But, if I hired someone to create a GFX thumbnail design, I wouldn’t need a contract.

Contract Definition:
A written or spoken agreement, especially one concerning employment, sales, or tenancy, that is intended to be enforceable by law.

If you didn’t want this to intervene with American laws, it would be have to boundaries set instead of them making them sign a legal documentation.

The contract won’t be legal, of course, but it encourages the developer to follow orders. In other words, it better insures the trust with the client.

Roblox Developers get set boundaries these days, we don’t go round signing legal documents.

You can easily do this by setting them boundaries instead of getting them to sign stuff that contains personal information in a case of law.
Boundaries do the exact same thing as a contract, but they don’t sign anything personal.

Lost like $300 worth of robux from this, and like 100 group members. Roblox refused to do anything.

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That’s what I’ve done, for my Dev Guidelines, and it works well.