How to make a Team Message Command

How would you make a Team Message Command with Basic Admin?

Do you already know how to make custom BAE commands?

Just a bit, But not a lot.

You need to make a command get the username.

Find the username inside of the players directory with the :FindFirstChild function, then change the team of the user.

You could take a look at adonis admin, and check the code out for :npm and :mpm these commands like are :M and :n but they will only show for a few people like for explae :npm %raiders Keep up the good work! We are beating them!

Nope - it’s open source, if anything the developers want you to be using there code. You can take a look at some of the individual open source licenses, some can let you even resell.

That’s not legal advice.

Also, by putting your model up on the roblox tooblox you are literally taking the risk & you know people will be taking it, nobody is going to go on the toolbox & just not copy and paste some scripts, it’s just how it works & if the owner of Adonis made it a public model on roblox he’s taking the risk, also when you make a model “public”, your giving the right for somebody to copy your model, it says right next to the slide when you upload a model.

Not necessarily, you can pick and mix content from different scripts!

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One thing is leaking something, yea that is stealing, but Adonis is a free model aka open source so it’s not stealing lol.

Anybody creating a model acknowledges that anybody has the right to take the asset via ticking the box. After that box is ticked, only then will the asset be available for anybody to take and use in their game(s).

This would not be illegal if 1) the developer checked off the box that grants users the right to use and install the assets, and 2) if the product is not copyrighted or licensed.

If the acknowledgement box was not ticked in the first place, it would only be available to the asset creator.


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