How to make a team nametag?

Hiya! I have this code, but I want the division tag to change based on their team, currently it is what team they join on. I’ve worked to the best of my ability, but I am horrible at scripting, any help is appreciated.

local GUI = script.OverheadUI
        local CloneGUI = GUI:Clone()
        local Username = CloneGUI.Username
        local Rank = CloneGUI.Rank
        local SecondRank = CloneGUI.Division
        local SecondGradient = CloneGUI.Division.Gradient
        local maingroup = 11357231 -- Change it to your main group ID
        Username.Text = Player.Name
        SecondRank.Text = Player.Team.Name
        if Player:IsInGroup(maingroup) then
            Rank.Text = Player:GetRoleInGroup(maingroup)
        CloneGUI.Parent = Char.Head
        SecondGradient.BackgroundColor3 = Player.TeamColor.Color

(Here is an image)

Do you have any error logs?

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No, it goes to the team the player joins on, but doesn’t change when the player changes teams.

In that script you don’t detect when the player changes team, do you?

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I don’t think so, but I don’t know how to make that.

If I found how to detect the change, how will I make it update the tag?

Edit/remove the old one.

No worries, you can detect team changes:

local TeamsService = game:GetService("Teams")

for _, team in pairs(TeamsService:GetTeams()) do
        print(player.Name.. " has joined "

Thanks so much! I’ll try that, once I do that, would I just saw to run the script again?

You could use your old script, yes.

Alright, thanks so much!

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