How to make a team only ClickDetector

I want to make a team only ClickDetector,i have a car spawner,and i want to be only for blue team,not for red team.

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Do you have any problems? Have you already made the code?

I dont know to much coding,thats why i need help,i cant make it.

Well, do you know how the ClickDetector function works?

Yes,his function i know.

Alright, send me a example of how you would use it.

The most simple is a door,i click the door and it must open.

Ik its like a little bit of scripting than less a clickdetector.

Send me an example, send how you would use the function to just print a string or something like that.

Can you explain?I dont know too much english,sorry…

Use the ClickDetecotr to print a string.

Idk man,i said i dont know scripting…
Im bad as h#ll

Ok, if you don’t understand, look at this:

local ClickDetector  = script.Parent


Well, your gonna need to learn, there wont always be someone to help you. I recommend learning lua properly and from the start.

For now I will send you the code, but I won’t spoon-feed you code again, ok?

El code:

local ClickDetector  = script.Parent

   if player. TeamColor =, 0, 0) then
        --Execute Code Here  

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