How to make an !rank command with selection

I saw your video cookie from demote and promote commands, but is it possible to do !rank {playername} {ranks:guard,reception,checkin,roomkeeping} and that this player in an gui can select what rank he wants, without discord because I don’t have?


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You can make this, it’s possible.

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I am really bad at coding :frowning:

You could use cookies ranking commands and then use this post, as this script has a !rank command (cookie made) it is group ids but you could use it or even edit it to work with your thing.

Yes I think I will use this but only I want names instead of numbers.

You can do this, create a table with the role names to the rank, then check the message to find the role name and then setrank accordingly.

Have you an example script?

No, unfortunately I don’t, it shouldn’t be too difficult though.

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