How to make cool text and logos?

Hey everyone!

I’ve been searching for a few weeks (or months) now and I still have no clue how to make fancy text or logos like the ones displayed below:

Screenshot 2021-07-13 1.42.57 PM

Screenshot 2021-07-13 1.42.11 PM

Is there any software which can do this? How do people even make these?


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Well, of course their is always photoshop for this.

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Eg. Colorful Text Effect in Photoshop - Photoshop Tutorial - Free Download - YouTube

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Thanks, but is there any free alternative?

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I’m sure you could always use pixlr or something,

Video: Pixlr E Text Tutorial! - YouTube


Here are also some other alternatives for free online editors: 19 Best Online Photo Editors You Can Use for Free (

Happy editing!

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Hi! There’s a web I really recommend. It’s easy to use. You select what type of font, bubble, etc, and then you write whatever you want. You can then download it as a picture, and you can remove background (I forgot if it removes background itself or not) and upload it to your GFX. It’s a really nice web, really cool fonts, great quality. The web:

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