How to make linked headers

Hello cookie tech, and today I will show you how to make linked headers. What I mean is that a user can click on a header and gets a direct link to that header, so you do not need to scroll down a long post to go somewhere.

To do this, paste this code in your post.

<a name="thing"></a>

## [Testing Header](#thing)

You can name ‘thing’ anything you want, just make sure the # on the header matches the a tag.

Let’s try it on this post.

Did you know? Clicking on the headers will paste a direct link to the header, so you can share the heading to other people easily.

Click me to go to the header

Click me to go to another header

Testing Header

Test test 123. The Kwik-E-Mart is a store in The Simpsons.

Another Header

This is another header which is linked. The principle of Springfield Elementary is Seymour Skinner.

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Hope this post will help you make better forum posts,



I was looking how to do this for so long. THANK YOU!!! :smiley:

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