How to make overhead GUI system with icons

Hey there! Does anyone know where to find a overhead GUI like this? For example if your in a group and a certain rank you get a icon displayed above you. Or if you own a gamepass a icon shows. Etc… As well if they click off the screen it replaces the display name with “AFK”

Heres the image!

(got permission from user to use their username)


Try overhead/rainbow+

I know that it works with the icons, but I do not know about the AFK status. I bet you could start off with the base model of overhead/rainbow+ and implement something into their main modules. I have actually been trying to do this for some time.

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Caffable offers this exact product, in fact, I believe the image example is from Caffable. should be the link.

Actually, Caffable’s doesn’t have the AFK, but you could just add that on top.

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Ya! Does anyone know how you would implement the AFK module?

I’m pretty sure you can check if a user switches the window, not sure though.

Well, I know it is possible (Resturaunt Roleplay) but I do not know how.

Try doing some research, let me know how it goes.


Can you give me the link to it please? is the link.

It does cost a bunch of robux though. You can use overhead+ for free.

Yes, Caffables systems cost robux, but they’re very worth it.


What features does it have?

It has a rainbow feature and a rank display feature. I would ask @peter for more specs tho

Yeah, so it has those, it also has a gamepass rank colour change, where you can change the font and rank. The rainbow feature is also available for an additional gamepass, ontop of the customization. They explain it much better though.

Does it have icons? And if I wanted to can I add more (like if i was a developer to display a dev icon or if im a high rank to display something else and etc)

Yes, you can do it for User ID, Gamepass ID, Rank and Badge ID.

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