How to make posts on the roblox devforum

Hello guys!

So i’m pretty new to the roblox devforum, as i used CookieTech forum all the times. But now, i want to create a Bulleting Board post for my airline and i dont know how.

What requirments do i need to meet, after creating a Devforum account?

Thanks for your help,

EDIT: Topic is solved.

Once you create a DevForum account, which is done via logging into your 13+ roblox account, you need to like and reply to a few posts, and should be given access to post within a few days. I signed up for the DevForum at some point in March and I believe it took a solid 4 hours of liking and replying.

and replay to a few post

I can’t reply to any post too, how can i access this?

Same thing as Peter said.

But if i need to reply, how can i reply to posts? I can’t reply to any posts.

Look what peter says he says how to get access.

He only said i should reply and like posts. But i dont have the access to reply.

In my reply, I’ve explained how to log in to the DevForum, which you’ll need to do to reply.

you need to view like 4+ hours of content

oh ok. Thanks for your help!