How to make script when u put cursor on player it shows their ranks in group roblox studio

I want it so like when someone has their cursor hovering over a person it shows them the rank they are in the affiliated groups of the game. Please explain it step by step including GUis and stuff and where to place them. Or maybe provide a video with the same thing.

It seems like you’re asking for an entire script, which wouldn’t be fair to give out for free. I suggest hiring a scripter to do this.

Can you like provide me with a tutorial maybe? or something Because I don’t have any robux right now to pay a scripter.

You could look into “Overhead +” OR “Rainbow +”

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Yes, but those don’t do what they’re asking for.

I understand that, but I am suggesting alternatives given he has 0 robuxm

Yes, I know, I’m just saying that those won’t provide what they are looking for.

Just use the “.Target” feature. We aren’t going to provide the entirety of the code, so you can look on youtube or something unless you’re going to hire someone.

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