How to make this with BAE

So i was in a training and i banned someone and it showed this
Screenshot 2024-02-29 061023

This is Bloxstreet isn’t it. To make this I believe you need the Main Module.

Yes it is bloxstreet and i have the Main module i just want the code

if you use the send message feature (search on yt) dode for BAE, try and find the ban command bit in the main model and implement the send message thing as a function within it, I’m not sure rn tho, if I find how to do it ill post it

hiya, ive found the kick, ban code etc

if you look at the b:Kick function, under that place the BAE notification script thingy under there as part of that function

nevermind it dosent work, idk rn, ill tell u if i figure it out

Ok and i want so i can copy and paste

i said id tell u if i figure it out, its hard

Just use a notification function when the player joins, scripting supports do NOT provide copy and paste, we help you with existing scripts and not spoon feeding.