How to make your BAE rainbow!

Hello Cookie Tech! :cookie:

For this tutorial, I will be showing you how to make your Basic Admin Essentials rainbow!

First of all, make sure you have BAE in ServerScriptService and all set up!

Secondly, you need to get this model and insert it into your game through toolbox!

Thirdly, do this:

Then, once you have done that open MainModule then you’ll see a folder named “Components” also open that.
Loads of scripts will come up but what we want is “Essentials Code” it is too long of a code to copy and paste here so here is a file of it, make sure on roblox it is named “Essentials Code”
Essentials Code.rbxl (85.7 KB)
When you have downloaded that and put it in the MainModule followed by Components try it out on your game! Hopefully it works, if it doesnt work ask under this or make a #scripting-support post!

In the end, your explorer with BAE should look like this:


@luke - The video is broken.

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