How to script a prompt purchase

So I was in the middle of creating a new game, and one thing that comes up in here is game passes, such as WaterPark Staff.

I have all my gamepass doors ready, but I need a prompt purchase for them.

I need this so it helps users get the gamepass quicker, and so they know they need something in-order go get into that certain area.

Thank to anyone who helps!

Hey oreo, I may have a solution for you!

This article on the DevHub by Roblox should help you out. Scroll down a bit and it will show you how to use the MarketPlaceService for prompting gamepass purchases.

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When doing the script, where would this part of the script go? It’s really throwing me off here.

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It says there, " This code can be placed in a LocalScript and the promptPurchase() function can be called when the player presses a button, when their character touches a part, or whatever fits your game design."

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