How to sell admin command with BAE

Hi! So I was in the middle of developing my roblox game as I wanted to sell Admin commands with Basic Admin Essentials, but I have no idea on how to sell them.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

It is pretty simple, I guess. If you already have the commands scripted and someone wants to buy them, you can DM them the plugin.

You can set a group rank, When they buy the rank they get admin.

Would you like to sell them within the game or sell them like @HayHay suggested?

Sell the within the game via a gamepass.

So if someone buys the Moderator gamepass, they will get Moderator admin within the game.

Ohhhhhhhh… I know Nova does that…

Yeah, not copying their ideas but it’s easier to do it with one admin instead of adding HD into the game.

Yeah, I agree… totally.

No offence, but if I were trying to copy nova there would be way more posts about scripting :slight_smile:

LOL. Nice one, Oreo!

Good question actually, I’m not actually too familiar with basic admin (I know my around) but still.

Maybe I can have a tinker :bulb: with this tommorow!

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Okay, so I think I have found the most liable way.

Since I’m unexperienced in BAE I think the best way to get around this is by using market place service to detect if somebody owns a game pass when joining, if they do then add them to the permissions table in the BAE module.

So, after some digging through the DevForum I finally found out how to sell admin commands with Basic Admin Essentials.

the creator has uploaded a script to the DevForum and how you can do this. If you would like to know, you can click here.

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