How to send a Basic Admin Essential Notification

Hey all, I need some help making an automated command that is called ‘startsession’. The explanation will be below.

The command is used for the host of a session. When they say ‘startsession’ it locks the server, and then starts reading information out. The command needs to be built into the MainMoudle if posible.

I’ve got some code down but it doesn’t work. When I join the game it just breaks the entire admin system and nothing appears or works.

Here is my code so far:

And, here is what the command is listed as in the command list:

I chose to do it in the MainModule because its easier to link it all together as in a plugin its harder. But I’m willing to change, any help is appreciated.

This is what I see after joining.

Please do this in a plugin.

Not sure how, that’s why. I tried and nothing worked.

Never edit the code unless you know what you’re doing, plugins have the same functionality and won’t break your admin and will show the error in debuglogs.

Can I have some help doing it in a plugin?

At Ben’s Services, he has a plugin that does something like this for Basic Admin. Highly recommend checking out his free products since their great for training center. Here’s the file for those who don’t use discord:

Thanks, i’ll check it out.

Thanks, i will use this. But; is there way to slock a server from a plugin that works? As, all the ways I’ve tried haven’t worked.

I know if you use the notify function in a plugin it can run a command, so when they click “Click here to lock server” it runs the “slock” command.

Okay, have any idea of how I can get that started?

Ah, might’ve found how. Try using this in your plugin:

remoteEvent:FireClient(b,'Notif','Lorem Ipsum','Plugin Example',{'slock'})

Ill try that now, thanks.

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Hm, it seems to be unable to cast a value.

EDIT: My code inside of the plugin:

	local function pluginFunction(Args) -- keep the name of the function as "pluginFunction"
		remoteEvent:FireClient('Notif','Lorem Ipsum','Plugin Example',{'slock'})

Weird, they do that with the admin role pop-up message. Not sure why it’s not working, maybe someone else will have an idea.

Okay, thanks for you contributions.

You’re missing some crucial code, this is how the notification function works:

remoteEvent:FireClient(Victim,'Notif','Title','Desc',{'Message','Results', "When I click on the notification, this is what I see..."})

In the MainModule, it uses this line for donor perks:

essentialsEvent:FireClient(Player,'Notif','Donor Perks','Click to view',{'Donate'})

His program was still missing the Player paramater.

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Ah, testing it now… Sorry, for the late reply.