How to stop Roblox BedWars players from 'being toxic'

Hey everyone!

As many people continue to play Roblox Bedwars, I’m aware that a lot of ‘toxic’ players have been arising.

I know how annoying this can be at times, so hopefully this post would help you keep them from annoying you!

  1. Simply close the chat so they won’t disturb you.
  2. Mute them so you won’t see what they type.
  3. Respond with something logical, if none of these work.
  4. Report the user to Roblox and block the user.


It’s quite a common occurrence in these types of games to have “toxic” players, sometime you just need to take it in & ignore it.

Aren’t those google forms only for reporting hackers though?

Ah, I should fix that … the form is for exploit reports, while reporting someone for being ‘toxic’ should be reported via the report abuse feature.

I don’t think moderators would go out of their way to ban toxic people as that is the least of their concerns, they would be more concerned on the hackers.

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No problem, happy to help!

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Yup, there are way too many hackers, the first cause of action is to remove the hackers.

I know there is a game that instantly kicks a player when they load up a “injector tool”, which is impressive, but I’m sure that the owner of the game doesn’t want to share that. That is so that the hackers can’t find a bypass around the tool.

Many games have started to use an anti-hack system now. I find that impressive and I wonder if I would be able to create one, but I’m not sure I could manage it.

Every day there’s usually that one hacker in my server … yet they always say in the changelogs that they ‘improved anti-cheat.’ That may be so, but they don’t seem to care much.

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May people try making anti cheat systems, but most of them can easily be bypassed.

It is possible to create one, however according to my knowledge they are extremely complicated to make. It requires a lot of scripting and possibly help from external programs as well to detect exploits.

Come to think of it, you would need something that can prevent injection of code.

That’s the hard part, it’s pretty difficult to detect injectors, in addition to that you don’t want to stop your own scripts from becoming un-usable due to your anti-cheat blocking it.

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