How to view privacy report on Safari

Hey everyone!

If you own an Apple device, you are most likely using Safari as your main browser. In this tutorial, I will be going over simple steps to view your privacy report, which is basically a feature that allows you to see what website trackers were blocked and which website trackers tried to get your IP and other info.

Luckily, it’s really easy to do this! First, open your Safari browser, and hit the privacy report button.

And that’s really it! You should now be able to see this screen where it shows all the trackers, etc.

As you can see, now I know that ‘google’ was prevented from profiling me across a lot of websites that I visited.

Hope this was useful to you! :heart:


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No problem, hope you found this useful! :slight_smile:

This is especially useful as more and more websites try to track you!

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Yep, every website tracks you in one way or the other …

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This is actually useful. I can now stop websites from tracking my location and it stops them from accessing personal information of mine.

Yeah, keep in mind, however, that websites will still know your IP either way.

My IP is nothing bad as I reset it every so often.

Practically every single website has your IP, having somebodies IP is normally not the biggest deal, most things that can be done with *somebody else’s *IP is heavily illegal.

Yeah, it’s kind of scary to know that every website has your IP, even when you use private browsing modes.

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