How will roblox transition to voice chat?

We all know that roblox is now becoming reality.

How do you think 13+ users will start to transition from roblox chat to roblox vc.

Will people be more friendly on vc or will they use it to be nasty and swer?

How do you think roblox will roll this out, I would love to hear your opinion.


Based on experience from other users trolling in a ROBLOX experience, I’m pretty sure that it would be a 50/50 split between friendly and nasty.


Yeh, I guess it would be like that.

I don’t like that you have to verify with an id someone can do data breach in get your id doing that

It’s by a third party software, according to ROBLOX. If there is a breach and your ID is leaked then you can take action on that.

It really depends, also if the company has done it right it should be extremely unlikely that a data breach occurs, I believe that roblox says it does live recognition. So I don’t think it will have to be checked by a human and if so, they should delete the id picture after x days.

I think roblox will be recording all the time and when there’s a report check the audios. But obviously they must tell you that. I think they already tell devs they’re recording them for the beta.

No, they cannot record all the time that is literally impossible and a massive security hazard…

Voice record files will be huge, 500,000 people speaking all being recorded.

Petabytes of data. Waste of money

Also this is kinda a security breach imagine everything you say is recorded, kinda strange.

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