How will school life affect your development life?

For most of us, including me, it’s that time of year, September.

School has started and your practically glued to your bed at 6:30AM.

However, school has another toll on your timetable, development.

Certainly for me I have very little time to develop and experiment with things.

For example: In the summer holiday I could get up refreshed, experiment with some open source software, maybe learn something new, however now at school I wake up tired, get home late & can hardly fit in 3hrs of development a day.


Anyway, I’m sure that all bored you.

But this just adds on to my main enquiry?

How does school affect your development life, it certainly affects mine.

For example:

  • Do you have less development time?

  • Do you constantly feel tired?

  • Is homework sucking up all your time at home?

I would love to hear on what you have to say about this,

@cookie :cookie:

My school starts at 8:40 AM and ends at 3:00 PM.

School is really having an impact on ROBLOX game development, even my free time to play video games. I don’t actually get much homework, but given math work at home is a pain, especialy when I have awesome ideas to implement into my Minecraft world, ROBLOX game, etc.

My school starts at 9:00am EST and ends at 4:00pm by the time I’m home and settled in its well past 5. Of course it has an impact on my development life! I haven’t actually opened studio for a week and that’s a record seeing i used it every other day this past year and a half

As for these:

yes 100% however im not actively working on a game and i put my commissions on hold for the stuff i do on studio and Discord. When I get time I’ll probably be starting a new group.

Also as for this

(same for me)

Definitely for me, I think of a script at school and I’m so exited to try it until BAM! I forgot.

For this I recommend writing it down somewhere, if you feel as if someone is gonna read it, just get a small piece of a chunk of paper off a notepad, write down your idea, fold it & pop it into your pocket.

This year is going to make a really huge difference for my development lifestyle and will have an effect from late 2022 onwards (maybe until 2026) due to school related stuff. I just realized, this will happen around the month of August and I should try to make the most out of the remaining time.

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Go for it!

Remember to have a good time & always look forwards to those nice long development hours.

Happy developing! :building_construction:

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