How would I add shadows to a Frame?

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I was really hard at work with revamping Admino (my administration system), and I was mainly changing the entire main menu interfaces.

So, for some Frame in a StarterGui (in my case, I named it “MainUI”), how would I add a dynamic shadow to the Frame? I know you can just duplicate the Frame, recolor it to something darker, scale it slightly larger and change the Zindex to 0, but I want something more aesthetic-looking like a drop-shadow effect/border-shadow effect. I have an example below:




You may be looking for this plugin.


Allowing you to do this:

Hope this helps, happy developing!

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I just found this out:

In order for this function to work correctly and have the have your ScreenGui instance you need to have ZIndexBehavior as Global
Also: You can’t use rounded frames as the shadows are for 90 degree angles.

Actually, you can put the shadow in the same parent as the frame, and you can resize the shadow to be slightly larger than the frame, and in the same position. Make the frame’s ZIndex as 2 and make the shadow’s ZIndex as 1 and you don’t have to use ZIndexBeavior as global as that can be really annoying.

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Thanks! One problem, though, I have the ZindexBehaviour set to Global (instead of Sibling), but the shadows overlap the actual frame and don’t have a smoorh transition. In other words, they don’t turn out to look like the video example.

Make the ZIndex of the frame set to 2.

Yes. (20charrrrrrrr)

Hopefully Roblox adds a UI frame shadow feature, it would be very useful! For now, though, this plugins works perfectly. :+1:

Yeh, I’ve found that roblox lacks quite a few UI features…

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You can also use RoStrap, a ROBLOX centered plugin that has documentation here. It requires only a tad of scripting, and definitely modernizes UI elements. It contains shadows; as well as other products, which I won’t go over since this is about shadows.


Thanks for this useful plugin! It seems very interesting and I’m curious to try it now.

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I’ve seen this, wasn’t it broken?

I may be wrong, but who knows.

Edit: I might have been using the old old version.

It is no longer broken.

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