How would I add this to Admino?

Hey everyone!

Recently, I’ve come up with a great idea for Admino, my all-new administration panel releasing sometime later this year, but I do not really have a clear idea on how it will work and function.

So, here is my idea; by default, you will always be given the base version (Personal Edition) of Admino when you purchase it. However, if you own a business, for example a Roblox group, you can request to purchase the Business Edition. How do you do this? Well, my plan is to show a pop-up UI stating to fill out information, such as your logo asset ID, group name, Discord username + tag, and a short description on why we (the Admino team) should provide you with the Business Edition. If approved, within a given amount of time, the Business Edition specially created for a specific business, will be ready.

Now, I plan on adding some really special features to Business Edition, such as a built-in Spatial Voice service (Admino Conference) as well as exclusive deals and discounts for things such as the theme changer as well as game passes. Anything that a real business will need that is possible to make on Roblox.

But, I am not completely sure how I can put Business Edition into action. When somebody recieves their Business Edition of Admino, they will basically be recieving a special version of Admino built for them. For example, there will also be a small logo of that studio under the Admino logo. And, I would need another special edition for Admino staff to manage all those business editions. Perhaps this would require a website to view and manage the studios’ edition of Admino, perhaps not. Any ideas would be appreciated! :wink:

Hiya, sorry, I didn’t see this post, sorry for the late response.

An API, would be the best way to do this, keep in mind, if you want to prevent your code from being stole you might want to obfuscate your code, however, it isn’t totally necessary for an API, you can check who is owner of the game and detect if they own a shirt or something like that, then load in an extra module of admino, or something like that.

Feel free to get back to me if you need any help.

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