How would I stop a deleted Roblox devs account on Discord?

Hey everyone!

A few weeks ago, I hired someone on the HiddenDevs server on Discord, pretty sure most of you know what it is. If you’re unfamiliar with HiddenDevs, it’s a server where Roblox developers can find others to help make their games and vice-versa.

However, as stated, I’ve hired someone a few weeks ago to do some small tasks for me (related to particle effects). Within the next week, the developer deleted their account and basically scammed me by refusing to provide progress, which is really annoying to me (and probably everyone).

I later tried to report the user to the HiddenDevs server staff, but I realized it would be no use since the developer deleted their account. However, I still want to ensure this user doesn’t continue to scam other people or apply for my hiring requests again as another user.

Is there a potential way to ensure the user doesn’t pretend to come to me as another user again? My guesses are no, unless I can find the Roblox account, but I wanted to see if any of you have opinions.

Sure, at least I think.

I’d first of all suggest contacting hidden devs, as you’re able to revoke deleting your account on discord quite easily, so that’s not out of the picture.

Next, grab some details about the account, I do not mean Doxxing. Find their join date, that will bring up evidence if it’s a new account, if not, they may just do the revoke option.

Best of luck,

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Depends, you can reach out to HiddenDevs and ask them, but there is honestly not much you can do, that’s why you almost always follow the “Pay after” scheme. If you want to reach out to roblox support that’s up to you, but I don’t know if anything to do with hiddendevs could be bypassing roblox tos, or how a roblox mod will handle it.

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Well as I have always learned NEVER EVER pay someone before they give you what your asking for. The only way you could do this is if you were using a credit card as you could get it refunded but never do this with cash, robux or anything pretty much. If you have there username and tag you could keep it and see if they reupload there acc back. They mostly would just make a alt and scam others but thats kind of all you could really do.

“Pay after” would kinda be dumb for a lot if reasons… you might do it and u get no money after it, i would just recommend finding someone that develops for a big group in game and ask them if they can help u

thats how i got my dev, look at OH’s new post called ‘Rate my group’ and click astronaut cafe. its a link to my cafe, and if you scroll up u will see development team and click that rank then look at ethan, he help make my cafe big time

Yeah, although we originally had a deal to pay at the end, so I didn’t lose any Robux in the process. :+1:

That is true … however usually it’s recommended because if you or your hired developer wants to get payed, they would be more committed to completing the task.

Some of this is simply down to trust, if somebody has a really good reputation, then you can pay before.

I would pay half, and pay the rest at the end.

That can also work too.

That’s what I typically do, however it backfired for me.

I had a great dev, nice, did everything, then, one of our staff got on his nerves. He kicked 132+ members from our group and left. I reported him to RoDevs and he was banned, however he blackmailed me a bit with the threat of cookie logging. I never got my 5k+ robux back from roblox.

That really sucks … for all I know, Roblox unfortunately doesn’t provide refunds.

They told me if I had given it via trade they would’ve refunded it.

Yeah, only issue is HiddenDevs doesn’t accept limiteds as a payment method, probably other similar servers too.