HTTP 500 (Internıal Server Error) Ranking Center

I implemented the things in the video and github vs. I set it but I get HTTP 500 error.

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You need to get your heroku logs?

Don’t know how to do this?

Try searching for “How to get heroku logs?” with the search :mag: above!


This indicates the cookies is most likely incorrect.

Try getting the cookie again.

unfortunately it didnt happen http 500 error continues

Is the server in the same continent as you?

Yea europa Turkey/İstanbul

Alright, explain to me how you get the cookie from the bot, make it as detailed as possible.

That’s a picture, explain to me when you do, start at logging in to the bot.

I recommend explaining it like you would to someone that has never gotten a Roblox Cookie in their life and are wanting to find out how to get one. Detail does matter in this case!

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